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Two Norse myth drabbles, Tyr centric

Hello, I'm a new member here, and I wanted to post a couple drabbles I wrote recently.

Tyr wonders sometimes why Odin sent for Loki's children. The Aesir whispered that the Allfather was afraid of them, but Tyr thinks that he wanted that much less to pull the Liesmith back to Jotunheim. It seems he did not need to bother. Loki made no protest when his oldest son was exiled and the youngest kenneled with Odin's hunting hounds. The middle child was made lady of the forgotten and unwanted. Many assume that she will fade like the souls in her hall.

Tyr plans ways to block the roads and passes between Asgard and Niflheim.


Tyr carries a plate piled with boarmeat to the corner of the hall where the heros and gods never go. The pup has slept there ever since he outgrew Odin's kennels. Still growing, he is longer than a tall man now. Teeth like holdout daggers and feet like snowshoes. Tyr knows him for a fatherless son in need of teaching and fostering. So he brings the meat and sits near while he plays Hnefatafl after the food is cleared. Fenris' amber eyes track every movement of the attackers, the king, and his defenders, watch every capture and every sacrifice.


For an explanation of Hnefatafl go here

Feedback is always appreciated.
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