I support Remus/Sirius love! (wiccanotwicked) wrote in mythosdrabble,
I support Remus/Sirius love!

Author: Helen
Title: Remembering Orion
Rating: R
Word count: 307
Summary: Okay. This is Artemis talking to the constellation of Orion, remembering how much they loved each other. Its controversial because it implies that Artemis lost her virginity. This idea influenced by this essay, Artemis: Her Many Faces in which the following is stated:

“Artemis valued virginity - not the definition of virginity we puritanically view as "not engaging in sexual intercourse" - but virginity in that she was whole and complete without relationship. She didn’t require partnership with another (as did Aphrodite, Hera, Persephone) in order to rule her dominion.”

So she feels she doesnt need a relationship. She chose to be in the relationship because she loved him

This is my first drabble so Id like feedback so I understand where Im going right/going wrong. This is in fact the main theme behind my new fanfic based on Orion and Artemis so Id like to know if the idea works.....

As I look up at the stars, I see you. My Orion, the only man I’ve ever loved. No-one understands that, not even my own twin, Apollo. They do not understand how close we were. Maybe they did not want to understand. My fellow Gods and Goddesses believe that because I asked for eternal virginity at the age of three, it meant I was to remain chaste all my life.

Maybe at first that is what I wanted. I did not want to end up like my mother, being in so much pain. For a long time, I kept my vow. I turned away all men and punished all men who dared to gaze at me as if I was an object. The fate of Actaeon is proof of that.

But then you came. You were different. I could see that. You reminded me of my brother, Apollo and yet you were different. He respected and loved me as a sister but it seemed you were feeling the same for different reasons. Other than Apollo, you were the first male to not gaze at me as I was an object. You treated as an equal. And that’s how and why I fell in love with you.

I know about your past. I know about Eos. I know about how you raped Metrope but I still loved you. I wanted to marry you. I was ready to give up my virginity with you and I did. How ironic I made love to you on our final night together, only a few hours before my brother tricked me into killing me. I wish I could tell you how sorry I am. I just hope by placing you into the stars, I have shown you and everyone else just how much I’m so sorry and how much I loved you.

Blessed Be!

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