theghettocyborg (theghettocyborg) wrote in mythosdrabble,

Norse myth drabble

Characters: Loki, Fenris
Word Count: 100 (yay!)

Loki knows that Odin is using his children to punish him. For Angerboda, for being happy in a woman's house. He has given Odin one child, allowed him to exile two others, and watched as Tyr fostered his boy-cub. Now Loki watches some young Aesir goad Fenris into chains, watches his son bunch the muscles of his barely filled out frame and shake off the iron links as if they were autumn leaves. Everyone cheers. Loki knows Tyr trained Fenris well, but standing in the middle of the plain, surrounded by a laughing crowd, he can't see the ambush coming.

Should I give these things titles?

Feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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